SV05 X and Y axis guide rail wheels

I just received my SV05 and after assembling it, I noticed that when moving the X and Y axis, there is a very noticeable “bump”.

I have determined that the bump occurs on every revolution of the tapered guide rollers ( 3 on the X axis and 8 on the Y axis) that ride on the edges of the aluminum channel.

I think they are too tight and are flat spotting when the machine isn’t moving. This will cause big problems when printing as the motion will not be smooth.

I noticed the bottom bearing mount for the X, and the inside 4 bearing mounts for the Y, are on an eccentric spacer that can set the tension/spacing of the rollers.
What is the best method to set the tension on these eccentric posts?

If a pic would help, let me know!

I had the same experience, had to play with the eccentric adjustments until all wheels were rolling smooth but not too loose. A bit of a fiddly game but I was able to get it right in the end. Also check if your extrusions are straight, parallel and square.

Thank you for the reply.
I went ahead and adjusted mine so that there was no “play” and just a very slight amount of slipping when turned by hand.
Seemed to fix the problem for me.

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I agree with this comment. My gantry was binding when I first setup my printer because the dual y axis was miss aligned. If you loosen the bolts on one of the couplers of your y axis motor to shaft so that it can spin freely and find that the gantry then moves smoothly, that will tell you that it’s likely an alignment problem. I completely disassembled my frame and reassembled it while shimming the extrusions with folded receipt paper (it’s very thin) to get everything square and straight. My printer runs better now, and my prints are more square than they were before. Give it a try, use a small framing square.

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