SV05 Does Not Have GD32F103!

I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this with their printer.

I have been having issues installing Klipper with the instructions from the config file I found on this forum (Use STMF32103 because the GD32F103 is it’s clone). Long story short: I have confirmed that I have a GD32F303, not GD32F103. I ordered my printer just a few days ago via Amazon and arrived today. Could Creality be slipping in a new MCU or is this common?

I ask because I have not found many resources to compile Klipper for this MCU and the .bin I am creating for STM32F103 does not appear to be working for the GF32F303. If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

I can’t help you with Klipper, but the MCU clone seems to be common:
The motherboard of my SV04 also came with a GD32F303VET6 MCU, which is a clone of the ST32F103VET6 MCU judging by the datasheets linked here.
Compiling the Marlin firmware using settings for the ST32F103VET6 MCU results in a firmware working flawlessly on my SV04.

might want to check here Klipper on SV05 - Sovol SV05 Cubic DD - Docs - Sovol3d forum

havent done this yet myself but I am following his lead

BTW - found that they added a SV05 for klipper last week - forgot to come back here and share (sorry this forum isnt very active it seems) config: Add config printer-sovol-sv05-2022.cfg (#6122) · Klipper3d/klipper@9fe3152 · GitHub