Missing SV06 Category when creating a new topic

The SV06 topic is missing from the New Topic category seletions.


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hi Tim, here is the link to the SV06 topic: Sovol SV06 Fully Open Source 3D Printer - Sovol3d forum, feel free to leave your ideas :grinning:

Or you could find the topic simply from category or all category on your homepage.

The link is missing as item in the website menu

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Thank you for the mention. The forum will be getting a major overhaul of the layout and categories in the near future; do you have any ideas for what you would like to see on the page? Welcome all users to share your ideas! Let’s brainstorm!

@sovol3d please add a “solved” tag in the thread view.
Then people will know if inside that thread they can expect to find a solution to their problem.


@karlsinn Thanks for your great advice! The “Solution” checkbox has been added and now non-posters should see it after clicking on the three dots, and the poster could see it directly next to the link icon.

@sovol3d super cool, that’s great!
One more thing, it would be great if it would be straight forward visible in the overview with all other threads which thread actually contains a post that describes a solution.

@karlsinn Thanks for your constructive advice! the solved tag along with unsolved, helpful , and much more useful tags were configured. Now every user could tag a topic as solved and you could filter out topics that come up with a solution.