Cura settings for preloaded benchy

New printer, just breaking it in, preloaded benchy looks awesome but I’m having a bit of a hard time replicating results on my own.

Can anyone share the cura settings that were used to produce that gcode?

I suppose any PLA (+) settings that produce solid results would be a better place for me to start, show me what you got! Swapping filament and upping the temp to what I’ve had success with on another machine was all it took with that benchy, it’s pretty dialed.

My problem is solved. I had an issue with the sovol version of cura where the z axis wasn’t moving enough, I’m not sure if I messed with the wrong setting or if it came that way but loading someone else’s profile did not fix it and I had to switch over to the main version of cura and then imported someone’s profile as a starting point.

It is possible to get one of these machines out of the box and running your own files in under an hour. I on the other hand took the time before it was together to lube the bearings which I am happy with. There are some profiles floating around > here and elsewhere if you look hard enough. There is a discord that may actually have paid support available. Honestly there’s too many platforms these days, I like decentralization for some things but not for this.

I had to play with mine a lot, I use the free discord also.

I found it a good place to talk. In there I put my profiles for each filament type and a cura profile for 4.13

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Went to Discord but couldn’t find an account for Sovol3d or an individual group. I’m not familiar with Forums can you offer any help to get started? Using their app on an iPad.

My question is, changing settings in Sovol-Cura Slicers, like Wall Thickness, Infill or Speed then save it to an SD card and download it to you printer, shouldn’t you see those changes on your printer?

Any help you can give is already appreciated.


there’s a direct hyperlink in the text above, I’m not sure what it looks like on an I pad but where you see the word “discord” in a different color it is a hyperlink of the invite to the sovol discord. and the word >here that is a different color is a link to where you can download someone’s config file

you import an stl into your slicer which is a file that describes the shape of your thing and when you slice it you get a Gcode file. the Gcode is literally just directions for the printer. go left at 30m/s. So yes you change the directions in your slicer to tell it to go right at 20m/s.

The slicer is like g00gle maps giving directions but your printer gets a paper copy of the directions so it can’t do too much about recalculating or changing destinations halfway through.

I had problems with the sovol version of cura and switched to the regular release of cura and then to prusaslicer 2.6. I would recommend against learning 4 different ways to do the same thing and just stick to one. If you haven’t done much with sovol cura I’d consider jumping straight to regular cura or prusaslicer.

Thanks for the advise.