Cura On Mac - SVO4 won't show up

I’ve downloaded and re downloaded both Utilamaker Cura and the definitions and extruders off the Sovol website 3 times. I place the definitions and extruders in the proper folder but I still cannot get SVO4 to show up. Works fine on my windows tablet but I want it on my mac. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m getting a page not found error. Do you have the direct link?

And am I putting them in the right place? The only place under contents folder I see to put definitions and extruder files. Content/resources/share/cura/resources and then the correct folders for either definitions and extruders. This is the only place in the contents folder that I see current printer definitions or extruder files. Is there another place I’m not seeing for mac? I’m running Ventura 13.2.1

On macOS Big Sur Cura creates a path to the files inside the macos folder:

I don’t know if in macos ventura it does the same

You’re a rockstar! I was adding it to a different section. I now added it to the MacOS section and we have found the printer. Thanks for the help. Happy Printing!