Bed sensor critical failure!

Need urgent help!, it was working fine yesterday, and now it does what it shows in the video , how do i fix this, it has already damaged my bed and i feel that if i print like this it will damage the bed even more.

You could test your touch sensor by activating it manually well before crashing into your printbed. If your SV01-Pro does not recognize it properly you’ll need to check wiring & connectors of your CR-Touch sensor.
Connecting your SV01-Pro via USB to a host like Pronterface (aka Printrun) would allow manual testing using M280 g-code commands. It is identical to testing a BLTouch as described here beginning from Step 2.

From what is visible, it didn’t look like the probe hit the bed.
To confirm, could you take a picture of the print head from the front with the probe extended?
In the video, it didn’t look like the probe touched the bed so a picture would help.
I don’t own this printer so I don’t know how to lower the probe but, if you’ve tried everything from the post above and it didn’t work, try to lowering the probe.