Why is Facebook Needed for Competitions


Now that Sovol has its own forum site, why do we need to be on facebook to enter competitions?

:bangbang:Tips for winning:

  1. Winners must be our group members, make sure you are in the user group!!:point_right:t2: Sovol Official User Group | Facebook

Seems strange to enforce membership on a third party site. Just means this place will never be as useful as what it seems the Facebook site ends up being.

Maybe this can change soon?



did ton’s of giveaway’s from sovol never won 1 single item hopefully someday :sweat_smile:

Heh :slight_smile: - never winning is OK. I mean, it’s a draw - you just might get lucky! :slight_smile:

But not having a chance to enter the draw because I don’t want to be another data point in Zuckerberg’s systems seems mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Tidalvirus
We appreciate your support. We have limited channels to promote our forum to the outside world, and most of the time we need to promote it through Facebook. And our Facebook can also guide many new customers to join our forum. Therefore, it is the Facebook promotion that makes our forum users gradually become more. Likewise, we understand that you take the security of your data very seriously. I will communicate with my colleagues to try to bring you a better experience.
Thank you
Best regards
Sovol Team