SV07 stepper motor broken axel replacement

The metal rod that sticks out of the stepper motor on my SV07 which controls the y-axis belt broke, Is it possible to replace it with this: Nema 17 Stepper Motor Accessory Replacement For 3D Printer
it says its only for the SV01 and SV03, and it looks slightly different then what the SV07 uses.
the back of the motor says:
shengyang motor 42bygh1634-a-20db

First measure your existing stepper motor body, you should have 42mm x 42mm Square body (Nema-17)
Now its the length of the motor body you have to pay attention to, it with either be a 34mm or 38mm or 40mm ect, find that out and write it down-
(even these measurement don’t always line up exactly so just round to nearest value)

Now the shaft-length-, it will either be a long shaft or short shaft.
(Long shaft will be around 22mm+)
(short shaft will be around 17mm)

Shaft lengths are different from each manufactures but they are all pretty close… (write your shaft length down)

Now you know what type of Stepper Motor to get –
Nema17-35mm long-shaft
Nema 17- 40mm short-shaft etc,

The wiring should be all good as they have pretty well standardized that side of things (but there’s always one manufacture the does something stupid)

Sovol really drops the ball on this type of stuff,
email them and try to get a answer out of them.
Stepper Motor Specs are important and very easy to post, yet the
cant even get it right on there website,

it tell you its 40mm length at the top and bottom of the page and then at the very bottom tell you its 34mm, wtf get your sh*t together-

Here a link TH3D Studio, dude call Tim he’s very helpful

All the best

thanks, sounds like im gonna have to guess and check because the one they use for the SV07 is discontinued (42bygh1634-a-20db). So im getting this one since it most closely resembles mine in terms of measurements:

yep, that will work, stepper motors are very forgiving motor they can take a lot of punishment-.

have a look through here too, its my go to place for stuff at times- but postage can be slow and you got know what you want, or can order the wrong thing by mistake- but it’s pretty cool place-.