Mainboard pinout

Hi, has anyone done any testing or investigation of the mainboard in the SV07? i want to add another led and according to the manual there is an unused plug on the board labelled “LED” but i dont know what pin it is or what it is outputting. i do plan to take the bottom plate off and test it but i dont have time right now and figured if anyone else had already done it that could give me a head start on ordering LEDs now so im not waiting for shipping.

so i ended up working this out myself through much use of continuity testing. turns out the unused “LED” header on the board is indeed connected to its own pin on the mcu through a mosfet and can be used the same as the extruder led to independently control a 24v led strip. it is pin PE10

What kind of connector do I need to buy to fit on PE10?

all the headers on the board with that style use a JST XH connector

Sorry for belaboring the question but there are 72 different types of JST XH connectors on their website. I am unfamiliar with ordering these and don’t want to get the wrong type. The board is a MakerBase right? Would I be able to look up the specs somehow on their website?

all the different types are a mix of different styles (cable side, pcb through hole, pcb smd, etc) and different number of pins. the model numbers should tell you what one each is.

as for buying them, i would just look up JST XH on aliexpress and just buy a kit + crimper from there such as this one (make sure you pick the “IWS-3220 460PCS” option). or if you dont want to crimp it your self you could get a prcrimped pigtail

(NOTE: i am not spesificaly recomending these aliexpress items, they are mearly examples. however i have a set of the same crimps as in the first one and they work very well)