SV06 filament sensor

does the SV06 have a filament sensor?

what happens when the filament runs out?

or print a filament sensor yourself with an end-stop-swtich
and connect it to x-y-z stop ?
if there is no more filament, it cannot print air for hours…
but software ???

Can’t tell from the main board pictures if there are even pins for the run out sensor

the SV06 has no X, and Y stop switches. So the connections are still free. Maybe print out a template for a filament sensor and insert a microswitch. Then connect GND and x-Stop connection.
The other must be set in the software.

But I’m not there yet.

Or connect the filament sensor to Octoprint. GND and IO pin
Then the software is easier

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Great point, I total forgot about using the Pi IO pins

I retrofitted a filament sensor. You need a 3-pin connector with a 1.25 mm pitch.

The top contact (yellow) is 3.3 volts.
Center (black) is GND.
The lower contact is signal (red)

when the filament is empty, red and black are connected (low)

If the filament is present or the sensor is disconected, then there is a 10k pullup to 3.3V on the mainboard

The small switch is ideal.

You have to compile the firmware.

#define FIL_RUNOUT_PIN PA4 //

#define FIL_RUNOUT_ENABLED_DEFAULT true // Enable the sensor on startup. Override with M412 followed by M500.
#define NUM_RUNOUT_SENSORS 1 // Number of sensors, up to one per extruder. Define a FIL_RUNOUT#_PIN for each.

#define FIL_RUNOUT_STATE LOW //HIGH // Pin state indicating that filament is NOT present.
// umgekehrte Logik. Der PIN wird über 10k gegen + 3.3 V gehalten
// wenn der Sensor fehlt ist der Schalter offen
// schaltet der gegen GND dann fehlt das Filament → M600 Filament Change
// reverse logic. The PIN is held against +3.3V over 10k
// if the sensor is missing the switch is open
// switches to GND then the filament is missing → M600 Filament Change
// Jens
#define FIL_RUNOUT_PULLUP // Use internal pullup for filament runout pins.

#define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT “M600” // Filament change !


Errors and omissions excepted

Just found this:

maybe it helps?

It is better if the filament runs over a roller and through a short piece of PFTE tubing (in front of the E motor) € 3,26