SV04 Firmware Update

I have a new SV04 printer so I updated the firmware. I downloaded the new files at:

The instructions DO NOT WORK! I found this post in the forum at:

That post says that the instructions do not work. The solution was to rename the firmware.bin to another filename such as “aaa.bin” and keeping the “.bin” extension. I tried this and it DID NOT rename the filename the file on the SD card from a “.bin” extension to a “.CUR” extension like the instructions state. However, the printer info in settings say that the printer’s firmware version is the new version.


  1. The firmware in fact has been upgraded and the firmware file extension does NOT get renamed like the instructions state, correct? As long as the screen states the updated firmware version then the firmware has been updated, correct?

  2. When is Sovol going to update the instructions at the link above so they are correct so other users aren’t running into this problem?

Hello Miket83706,

I’m sorry the solution that worked for me didn’t work for you.

Out of curiosity, what is the size of the SD card that you use? Is it below 32Gb? I ask this question since if it’s higher then you won’t be able to format the SD card properly and the boot loader on the printer won’t see the firmware.bin

I used the exact same SD card that came with the printer so it’s 8GB. Did you read my question about renaming the file to “aaa.bin”? Is this what I have to do to update the firmware? That’s NOT what the instructions say.

I named it aaa.bin and named it back to firmware.bin like the Sovol team mentioned and this is what worked for me.
I still don’t understand why this worked though

Hello miket83706

  1. You need to confirm whether the screen firmware is updated, you can look at the bottom of the firmware version to see whether the Screen: v2.0
  2. if there is, then click the leveling, the interface will have a save button, if it can be used, it means the firmware is correct.
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback on the problem, we will improve our service as soon as possible.