Screen Firmware

I am trying to update the screen firmware on my SV04. I have downloaded the “How to flash the TouchScreen firmware on SV04.docx” and the “DWIN_SET” folder from:

I have followed the instructions and they do not seem to work.


  1. How do I know what screen firmware version is in the “DWIN_SET” folder online?

  2. The instructions do not work. How do I flash the screen firmware on my SV04? I do not see any screen that shows “SD Card Process…END!” or anything else that look like the photos in the instructions. I turn on the printer and it boots normally.

  3. Can you please change the instructions on the google drive so they actually work?

Hello miket83706

  1. You need to confirm whether the screen firmware is updated, you can look at the bottom of the firmware version to see whether the Screen: v2.0
  2. if there is, then click the leveling, the interface will have a save button, if it can be used, it means the firmware is correct.
  3. Thank you very much for your feedback on the problem, we will improve our service as soon as possible.
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Ok the instructions never say to press the Save button. So after the auto-levelling is performed at all 16 positions I MUST press the Save button?

The save key is used to save the leveling data and z-axis compensation value, you need to click it after leveling
Thank you